Carbon OxyTech Projects

What we have done is what we are!

Projects List

Our Products have proved its efficiency and quality throughout different projects. The following list contains a set of our finished/on going projects:
  • High yield production of humic acids from low-ranked coal lignite.
  • Conversion of petroleum coke into humic acid.
  • Metal extraction from residual feedstocks
  • Conversion of low waste hydrocarbons into carbon nanomaterials.
  • Microfiber production from asphaltenes and petroleum coke.
  • Oxy-cracking technology for wastewater treatment.
  • Clean fuel, free sulfur and metals, for power generation.
  • New innovative technology for humic acids production.
  • Enhancing settling in oil sands process-affected water using low temperate technology.
  • Converting stranded gas assets into small-scale gas to liquid (GTL) in one step process