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About Carbon OxyTech

Carbon OxyTech Inc., is commercializing a new green technology that provides non-combustion utilization pathways for residual feedstocks, low-rank coal, and carbon-based waste and improves financial returns for the operator. We provide innovative technologies for converting and producing multiple green products pathways, each addressing a unique marketing opportunity to the end-users, such as humic acids, microfibers, carbon nanomaterials, clean fuel, and recovering valuable metals. Since Canada is one of the largest producers of residual feedstock and coal deposits, large amounts of these residual feedstock, low rank-coal and petroleum coke, are being generated annually.

Our goal is to provide the most innovative and green technology for producing high quality and yield of humic acids and enhance its benefits to the soil.

Our Mission

Developing and commercializing green technologies that provide non-combustion utilization pathways for residual feedstocks, low-rank coal, and carbon-based waste and improves financial returns.

Our Vision

Efficiently commercializing a non-combustion technology to extract economical value from low-value feedstocks through lower temperature and utilization of atmospheric pressure.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to the solid waste hydrocarbons conversion, we are committed to advance the development of non-combustion products and production technologies derived from oil by-products and coal resource by providing an alternative, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution. The importance of our provided technologies is not only the low temperature and utilization of atmospheric pressure, but also the zero emissions of CO2 and waste by-products. The company is the back-end technology produces a wide variety of products, each addressing a unique marketing opportunity, ranging from organic fertilizers, fuel, lighter hydrocarbons, carbon nanomaterials, microfibers, and valuable metals that are routinely present in waste and low value hydrocarbon feedstock. We are a research and development team with a combination of diverse skill sets from technology developer and business management

High quality and quantity of Humic acids:

Our technology works at a lower temperature and atmospheric pressure, negligible CO2 emissions, and high yield (95% and quality of humic acid. Additionally, the product stream is not required to undergo energy-intense separation steps and it can be used, without further treatment, either as liquid or solid product.

Reducing the environmental impact

Our commercialization technology develops new avenues for increased feedstock use in non-power generation sectors, permitting suitable product diversification, help industries in selling valuable products from waste feedstocks. Thus, applying our technology will provide a vision for the recyclability of residual feedstocks and utilization of low-rank coal. This will increase environmental stewardship, particularly in the energy and resource industries

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